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Nintendo Switch Release and the Problems that Come along with It

Nintendo seems to have a new hope by planning on their new Nintendo Switch release after their Wii U has failed miserably, despite the success of the original Switch. This home console has been waited for so long and the Japanese firm has put a lot of hope in this device. So, what’s special about this device, anyway? Well, first of all, it will come with two different functions and forms so you can use it as the handheld item or the home console design. With the basic design of a tablet and the controller, it is highly possible for you to enjoy the dual functions.


Nintendo Switch release and the Console

Set to be released around March the 3rd 2017, a lot of people have anticipated the device for quite a while. The Switch was previously named as the NX but Nintendo decided to change it. With a tablet computer and also the Joy-Cons controller that is attached to the side, the Switch seems promising – well, at least from the design alone.  The controller isn’t the regular one because it can sense movement (sounds familiar, Wii fans?) and the screen is sensitive to the touch.


As a home console, the tablet has a special slot and dock that can be connected to the TV. So far, only a limited information has been provided to welcome the new Nintendo Switch release. Such as, there will 80 new games and they are under way. The battery can last from 2.5 hours to 6.5 hours. Among the new games, Super Mario Odyssey is included, which is the newer version of the original Mario. So, if you are a Mario fans, you should probably think about having this device. There will be also the Arms, a boxing game with motion controlled mode that should release in this spring.


Nintendo Switch Release and the Basic Problem

Of course, it is always exciting to have a new gaming console, especially from a well-known name and popular brand. However, there is a controversy about the machine since not many gamers, apparently, like the idea of the price tag. For the American platform, the device will be sold at around $300 while it will be £279 for the European market. In Japan, it will be sold at around ¥30,000 which is around $260. This is one factor that makes the Nintendo Switch release a bit problematic.


Such a price tag is definitely higher than everyone has expected and a lot of people have stated that it is possible that Nintendo has made another mistake. They are already in a bad place and they don’t need to make their position even down under because of this decision. What do you think about Nintendo Switch release, anyway?


Township Tips to Become the Top Player

Creating city is the main purpose of Township. Players start to pick area for farming then harvest the crop. After that, they are building factory and any entertainment areas to generate more revenues. All of them are what you will do in this game. Several Township tips are available as guideline to make you reach the top player. Prosperous city will attract more people to stay and various resources keep the city in financial stability.

What is Township? It is mobile and online game that lets player to create, manage, expand, and develop city. You need to know basic gameplay of this game as one tip that cannot be ignore. This game is free, but it takes real money to expand. However, you do not have to worry because Township tips are applicable.

  1. Farming

Big city started from small farming area. This is the key to what you will do in Township. You know from history that the purpose of farming is food. In this game, you can plant many crops such as corn and wheat. Framing is not free action, which means the cost is required to keep plants from harmful stuff. For example, farming requires fertilizer and water. You use remaining coins to obtain them then collect again after harvesting. Some players try to use Township hack to make farming quickly.

  1. Factory

After farming, the next thing is factory or industry. It is one of essential things of Township tips because city requires tons of materials and stuffs. After generating enough money from farming, it is time to expand into factory-based city. You will have more citizens to work at factory. Additional benefit of industry will be seen in the next tip.

  1. Entertainment and trading

Prosperous city is more just farming industry. People want to enjoy work and life to make them happy. This is opportunity to build entertainment places such as cinema and zoo. Besides providing leisure activity, these places also generate more cashes. Zoo is new feature from Township and player can put many animals to attract visitor. Cash and money comes from ticket that’s paid by visitors. Another way to reach top player is trading. You can produce more goods from factory then exchange with other players. Township gives players opportunity to communicate then create trading area. You cannot miss this thing to obtain more gold and coins. Of course, top player produces high quality products with interesting price.

From Township tips above, you will understand how to start it. They are simple and applicable, starting from farming, factory, entertainment, then trading. Therefore, your city is no longer small town but metropolitan.


Roblox Guide to Be the Top Player

Roblox is one of popular games in MMOG genre. As you know, this kind of game requires internet to register and play from server. In this Roblox guide, you will find some general tips about reaching the top players. If you are not familiar with Roblox, it is better to read guideline and rule before taking the further step.

Create your own world. That is what Roblox mean to be for players. Everyone has his or her own turf then start to build. Interesting part is socialization between one to others. In this game, player is able to visit another turf to see what’s going on and find the attractive thing. Developer creates this game with simple graphic. You may play the game with pixel and square character. Roblox is quite similar but the environment is very large due to worldwide service. Actually, this game is for kids or teen. You may see simple gameplay to create character. With this game, kids will enjoy the safe environment from killing and shooting game. Violent becomes major concern when picking the game for kids. Parents try to control what their kids play. As the result, it is better to check Roblox guide for more pleasurable gaming.

To be the top player, you need to play extensively. At beginner, you can start to build simple merchant and items then move into more complex building. Playing extensively requires time, so allocate enough time a day to play Roblox. Besides adding gaming period, it is better to play it efficiently. Beginner wants to try this, so he or she will be stuck in unwanted situation. After such thing happen, they will go back from starting point. This thing is part of Roblox guide if you do not have any objective.

There are two ways to be the top players easily. Firstly, you may purchase Builders Club. Players are able to extend their environment and do trading. Moreover in Roblox, you can use specific currency as virtual money. Robux is what you need to buy almost everything. Of course, making better items is preferable. Beside Builders Club, several paid modes are available. The benefit of these things is regular stipend. You will get Robux as complimentary service every day. The problem is that your Robux is very limited. That’s why Roblox hack comes into the right place.

Hack tool is not part of Roblox guide, but you may try for getting experience. The hack will provide unlimited Robux. It is difficult to reach top players without Roblox guide and hack is the last solution at all. Therefore, enjoy your game lately in Roblox world.



Tips for Playing XCOM 2 for Beginners

XCOM 2 can be a little bit overwhelming and is a deep game. This article will explain about a couple of tips that you can use for beginners in order to give you the benefit of playing this XCOM 2 game.

Create your Resistance Contacts

Regardless of you plan to roll on, or choosing the difficulty, one of the most important priorities are contacting a couple of other regions. You will get a lot of money for doing it, and also you will get the opportunity in order to get region specific upgrades. The most important thing is that you can open up that place in order to get potential missions. There are a couple of missions that you can find on the map including Alien Facility even in a couple of places that you cannot access. This can be a big problem and if you are not careful it will ruin your game play. By using Resistance Comms that have been established, your influence can be expanded easily and quickly which is avoiding this thing to happen.

The Black Market

In its predecessor, you can sell a couple of stuff of alien tech in order to get some money. XCOM 2 comes with Black Market, meanwhile you can purchase and sell it. It offers a couple of items that have been purchased by using Intel, so you have to be careful to purchase it because there is only limited resource that you can get. Black Market sometimes sells a couple of crafting items, character and weapon upgrades, and also research boosters. Once again you have to be careful on spending the Intel because those items can be very useful.

Selling a couple of items to the Black Market can make you get a lot of troubles. It is different from the previous game, there are not a couple of items that have been classified as useless or damaged. This happens because there a couple of crafting components and even alien corpses which can be used for a couple of upgrades and item purchases. For this factor, it is well recommended for you to only sell to the Black Marketwhen you are in a tight bind. In order to avoid you from lowering upgrade materials, it is better for you to go to weapons page in order to get a lot of information about a couple of items that you need in order to complete every upgrade.


Simcity Buildit Hack for Free

Do you desire building the most advanced and improved city in Simcity Buildit game? Well, you are not the one needing the Simcity Buildit hack then. Why is the hack necessary? The answer is easy. It provides you the shortcuts you need the most to expand your city. That’s because the hack equals to unlimited simoleans and simcash to improve the gameplay drastically. And, the hack is all free so you don’t have to pay for anything to the gold and simoleons. It also allows you to unlock many awesome buildings for you to build.


Simcity Buildit Hack Main Features

Once you have downloaded and install the Simcity Buildit hack in your device, there are various great features for you to enjoy. First is unlimited simoleon, so you will never run out of it to build your city. Second is unlimited SimCash, so you can keep building. Third is unlimited golden key. To get the keys, use both your Simoleons and SimCash to complete the Disaster challenges and shipments. Then, you will get the golden keys.

Moreover, enjoy free shopping, so you can purchase residential buildings, market, stores, roads, factory, restaurants, specialization, services and so much more. Next is about user-friendly interface as you only need to start the trainer before connecting your device and activating the hack. In addition, the hack app is compatible to various devices including iOS and Androids. You don’t have to jailbreak your device to install the app

Suppose you have downloaded the Simcity Buildit hack cheat tool, you should follow these steps to be able to use it. First, connect your device to your PC using USB cable. Make sure that the Simcity Buildit game has always been installed on your PC or device. And the device should have internet connection. Continue by starting Simcity Buildit hack tool. Then, click on Detect Device button and wait until your device has been successfully detected. Once it is detected, you have to edit values of Simoleons and SimCash. And then click on the Start button. The last thing to do is to unplug your device and start playing the game.

Being one of the most famous city building games, Simcity has endless crowds from all over the world. Though you may have the Simcity Buildit hack but you need to always focus on time management. After all, it’s very important to successfully develop your city and make all the residences happy.


Simple Things to Do in Preventing Overheating of Your Smartphone


Many people are trying many things in preventing overheating of your smartphone. That is because overheat of your smartphone might cause many things that will surely affect your smartphone. If you are one of those people who are using your smartphone all of the time and you want to prevent the overheating smartphone, then you might want to simply try these simple things below.

For the beginning, you might want to check the case that you are using for your smartphone. It is true that the case will prevent your smartphone from scratches. However, there are some types of smartphone case that will give you the bad airflow. This is something that will give the extra heat in your smartphone that will cause the overheat. The next simple thing that you can do in preventing overheating of your smartphone is checking on the running applications or systems. This one is important since there are many people who forgot to turn off their Bluetooth connection after they are using it, especially for the speaker and headset. Though this kind of connection will not take a lot of power, but your smartphone will still get the unnecessary work to increase the heat.

The next thing that you can try is to check on the virus on your smartphone. Unlike laptop or computer that will do scanning every time you turn it on, smartphone will not scan your phone even though you have an antivirus. As an addition to that, there are some viruses that will force your smartphone to do the unnecessary work. Therefore, you need to check for the virus if you are thinking about preventing overheating of your smartphone. You need to have the latest antivirus installed in your smartphone and you need to scan your smartphone every single day. It will be better for you to do this at night before you go to sleep.

Those are some simple things that you can try if you want to prevent the overheat in your smartphone. For your consideration, the environment is also one factor that you need to consider in preventing overheating of your smartphone. If you are in a room full of AC, then you can make sure that overheat is something that will rarely happen. On the other hand, if you are on the beach spending your Summer time, then you can make sure that overheat is something that your smartphone will get.


Pixel Gun 3D Hack Pros and Cons: Is It Beneficial to Cheat?

Pixel Gun 3D is a shooting game in which you will slay loads of enemies on dozens of different maps. There are approximately ten stages in each world. Many people do not want to spend real money but they want to be the winner, thus, they use hack tools. However, there are several Pixel Gun 3D hack pros and cons in many aspects. Before deciding to use the hack tools, which are available all over the internet, you might want to weigh the benefits and the drawbacks.


Pixel Gun 3D hack pros and cons: The Benefits

When we are talking about Pixel Gun 3D hack pros and cons, the first benefit that might cross your mind is free resource. It is obvious that when you use hack tools, you will get free coins, free gems, and free premium guns. You can purchase any item that you want since you have unlimited gems and coins. The next advantage of using hack tools is how you are able to be the best player in Pixel Gun 3D since you are able to purchase premium guns that will be very useful during battles. Defeating strong enemies is an easy task because you can use the best gun available. Another great thing while using hack tool is, you can use the tools anytime and anywhere you want as long as you are connected to the internet. There are plenty of safe and working hack tools, therefore, choose wisely before deciding to inject unlimited resources instantly to your account.

The Disadvantages

Every gamer must be aware that when you depend on Pixel Gun 3D hack, you are prone to be banned. Although every hack tool claims that you will not be banned or detected, you are still at risk. If you use the hack tools a bit too much, you will be detected by the security filter. I am sure you will not want to lose your precious account. Besides, when you download a hack tool, there is a high possibility that the tool is actually virus or malware. There are numerous people who disguise viruses, malwares, and spywares as Pixel Gun 3D hack tools. Be careful while installing the hack tools; make sure that you download the safe ones.

Several Pixel Gun 3D hack pros and cons are already addressed above. Now, it is up to you whether you want to use the cheat or not. Weigh the risks and the benefits carefully. Do not let your dream to be the best player is shattered by getting banned.


Disadvantages of Technology for Society and Life


Besides the advantages, there are a couple of disadvantages of technology that you have to consider for your life and society. Even though the technological improvements on communication specifically has been largely positive and extensive and help a lot of people to keep contact with other people more efficiently and effectively, you have to consider that there also a couple of disadvantages of technology on communication.

Art of Conversation is Lost

You are allowed by technology such as email and text messages in order to communicate in short sentences which can be edited carefully. But behind that stuff you surprisingly you will lost the contextual information which is offered by body language and voice tone. As an outcome, for those of you who cannot connect with other people via technology will find if not easy to engage in normal conversation because you guys have to face a couple of problems of understanding non-verbal cues because of the lack of practice with interaction of face to face that cannot be stopped, filtered or edited.

Confusing Language

Treatises, dictionaries, and books have been written on the peculiarities and vocabulary of text messaging slang. It is confusing to understand this slang for many people who cannot speak English fluently that will make it harder to get the meaning of the sentence. For those of you who usually chat or text online will use it even in a couple of conditions or situations where it is not important or out of space, such as school essays or business messages.

Aggressive and Rude

As a barrier will be created by communicating through technology between people which is not there when talking face to face, a couple of people will find it easier in order to be aggressive and rude. Threatening and insulting messages from people that you do not recognize are part of the course for many people who publish online content regularly and even the issue cannot be alleviated by the lack of anonymity. Arguments in Facebook are commonly happened because you are not allowed by technology in order to find the reaction of man on receiving the message which makes it harder in order to empathize with him.

Disruption Constantly

You are allowed by technology in order to always be reachable whenever and wherever you are. Even though it can be beneficial but this is one of the disadvantages of technology that will make your stress and get anxiety because you will feel pressured in order to check and answer incoming messages, phone calls or emails.


Real Pokemon Go Hack And Cheats That Works 100%

Pokemon Go hack and cheats

Today, we present you the real Pokemon Go hack and cheats which are absolutely working at this time globally. Many people are obsessed to become the Pokemon Master who can catch them all. This is not a day dreaming by the way since Pokemon Go is the most downloaded game on the market recently. Pokemon trainers are in hurry to complete their PokeDex and become the master of Pokemon. So, they look for some cheats or hack which makes this game easier. Unfortunately, we have found some real cheats which still work currently and we sort them into 3 for today.

Evolving Eevee

The first real Pokemon Go hack and cheats will discuss about the evolution of Eevee. For your information, Eevee is one of the favorite Pokemon which can evolve into three different forms. They are Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon. There is a trick for Pokemon trainer to evolve their Eevee into their favorite evolution. It is by changing the original name. Give a nickname of your Eevee to Rainer and you will have Vaporeon as its evolution right before you evolve it. For Jolteon, you can replace the name onto Sparky and Flareon onto Pyro. This cheat still works until this article was written.

Pokemon Go Hack And CheatsPokeVision

The second Pokemon Go hack and cheats will reveal the accurate location of your target Pokemon. By using PokeVision app, you will easily locate the nearby Pokemon on your local area. Yes, this is an app just like Google maps. But, it has a feature to show the Pokemon surrounding your place. The best part is not ended yet. Below the picture of the Pokemon, there is the time remaining of the Pokemon’s appearances. It means you have to catch him before the time is running out. This is of course very beneficial for beginner Pokemon player. They should not have to walk around their current location to catch Pokemon.

Same Pokemon is No Problem

Did you catch the same Pokemon for many times? Please do not worry because you can evolve the Pokemon easier than other players. If you do not move too much when playing Pokemon Go, the chance of getting the same Pokemon is higher. But, it does not mean same Pokemon have no benefits at all. You can transfer the lowest CP to the Professor for the candy. Collect those candies to evolve the highest CP of the Pokemon. The higher candy you get, the higher CP you got. We think that is the end of this Pokemon Go hack and cheats and see you next time.


Important Things You Have To Know Before Playing Overwatch


It is very daunting in order to getting started Overwatch. You will find that there are a couple of heroes that you have to learn, loot crates to open, and maps to memorize, which is difficult in order to follow all of them. But this article will give you a couple of important things that will be helpful for you to solve those problems. These are a couple of things that you have to consider before you play Overwatch

Start By Using Easy Character

A couple of characters in Overwatch are very easy to choose. For those of you who are already know about the shooters, it is better for you to choose Bastion, D.VA, Pharah, or Soldier 76 for the starter. These are a couple of characters that are perfect for shooting whatever happens in front of them. You do not have to confuse about the atmosphere of your abilities or you do not have to worry about how to play the character. You just have to jump in and press the ground running.

Team Composition Is Important

You have to consider that you are a team player, which means that your option will affect other people on who to play. Fortunately, there is a built-in tool which you can use in order to choose the second when you highlight one.

Team Above All

You have to consider that this game is not some kind of Call of Duty. In this Overwatch game, you cannot run by yourself and you cannot easily kill people, particularly not when you start to play the game. The perfect way if you want to stay alive is stick with your team, so it is better for you to find a couple of trusted friends and stay together with them.

Audio Cues Should Be Listened

The sound design of the Overwatch is very perfect. When your health is low, it will be gasped by your character. You will also be told by the characters when your enemy is behind you, or when you find turret near you or a couple of other things. The most important things are that you can even hear the footsteps of your enemy. Ultimates are the most important audio cues that you


Boom Beach Triche for iPhone as The Viral Key for Better Game

Boom Beach Diamants Gratuits

Boom Beach Triche for iPhone is apparently the viral key that can help the people to find what they need so badly. Let say like the gems, coins, and also gold are the central role for the game to work well so that players can improve the defense level, speed up the progress of the building, and also having all your capabilities get upgraded. It is kind of hard to earn a lot of gems, a lot of coins, and also a lot of gold in a day. That is why there are a lot of people who are spending most of their money to have these three important things recharged.


Boom Beach Triche for iPhone

Boom Beach Triche for iPhone is something impossible for the iPhone users to use. It is because sometimes iPhone has the strict rules about the protection of the mobile phone. It disables all the applications which have not gotten the permission from the official applications. Whenever they find something suspicious or something weird, it will protect you to access this kind of things. iPhone is a strict phone that enables and disables the people to have everything they want as long as these applications do not harm the devices.

How the iPhone users are able to use this Boom Beach Triche diamants? Yes, they are still could access the trick for the Boom Beach. As this game becomes the widespread game all over the world, you do not need to be worried that the trick might not be available. This useful trick can be used not only in iPhone but also in Android too. Thus, it answers all the curiosity whether the Android users can enjoy this kind of benefit or not although they do not use the iPhone as the main device to have.

Playing the Boom Beach much more comfortably can be done by using the trick of this Boom Beach. This trick can even understandable for the beginners. It means that you do not have to be a professional to do that. What else are you waiting for? This trick has everything that can provide the priority things of the game. It could be gems, coins, and also gold. You can try to access this hack tool to have a try so that you will take part or participate in enjoying how beneficial the Boom Beach trick 2016.


Clash Royale Hack Tool for Free Gems and Golds

Clash Royale hack tool is the hacker tool that is used by the players of Clash Royale. This hack tool has been searched to get all resources to advance this favorite game for free, of course. Were it premium hack tool with more benefits, the people are still willing to pay them off to get the satisfying way of playing. Sometimes there are hack tools that can both give free gems and give the upgrade of all characters upgraded.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale Hack Tool Unlimited Benefits

For those people who are too afraid of speculating their game to get many kinds of bonus from the Clash Royale hack tool, they can read about many reviews and feedback from the users who have successfully gotten the benefits by the hack tool. As it provides both satisfaction and pleasure during the game, you will be offered many kinds of benefits like free gems, free gold, free new cards with rare and epic choice, and even new arena as your battle begins.

Clash Royale hack tool can be played either in your Android or in your tablet as long as there is an internet connection and you do understand about the instructions to follow. After this hack tool has been successfully installed and used, you will reach higher level much faster and you are able to beat your opponent more easily. Let say like those famous names with the best way of playing game, the player with higher score, and even your mates that usually pay together with you. You can choose whoever you want to against.

Clash Royale Hack Tools Free Coins

Clash Royale hack tool makes everything that seems impossible to be something that is very possible as they can take benefits of this hack tool for improving their cards battle and for upgrading the characters of your cards. In fact, if you are an iPhone user, it seems a bit difficult for you to have it on your mobile device unless you have had it jailbreak and free to use any kinds of applications without protections.

Never put off anything which you can make it done today. Thus, you need to be hurry to use this hack tool for having more and more coins and gold. These coins can be used for many kinds of purposes whether you can speed up the upgrade, buy more cards in premium cost, and so on. However, you shall never be worried because everything has been prepared completely in Clash Royale hack tool.



The Witness First Play And review

The Witness

Published and developed by Thekla, The Witness is a puzzle 3D video game released for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. Considered as one of the challenging game, the game may cause uncertainty, mystification, and mental exhaustion during playthrough due to its intricacies. You may think about giving up every so often as you have to choose your way in the most sense way. But the game is special as there is way to enjoyment through aggravation when you keep on. The game starts on the conjecture that you are smart but you do not feel intelligent from it not like many other puzzle games. You will get reward for your patience and decisive thinking as it regards you as an insightful person.

The Witness Story

The game takes place on an anonymous island surrounded by an immense ocean. There are different terrains on the island including autumnal forest, snowy mountain, and desolate desert. Players are given square panels throughout these environments, each consist of different complexity. You can choose a panel in The Witness, direct a gleaming line through its labyrinth, and carry on. These will open the next puzzles, move platforms, open doors, or trigger power plants.

The Witness Gameplay

You will start easy challenge by directing the line on basic framework. After a while, you will have to solve new colors and symbols and shapes following their rules to solve. Your gleaming path could also be used to shape silhouettes to solve puzzle in The Witness. You may also need to change perception or break earlier rules all in all to move on. The ways these rules work never has clear instructions. Use your own rational reasoning and instinct to learn them. There are different patterns among each area of its panels with different symbol or hint in its puzzles. It is possible to surrender a puzzle that is too difficult for you to solve and find another one with different rule.

The Witness Features

The puzzles are remarkably diverse, and you might have to spend more than 25 hours to solve attractive mazes. The revealing hint is revealed from environmental clues to help solve impossible-apparent panels. It offers clever ways to influent your character’s environment from panels that contain no clues at all. You may also get a new light on the structure of the castle at the center of the island when its mazes drip into the walls around them. The best thing about the The Witness is that the island is free to explore from the beginning of the game so you can wander between its mazes and areas.


Facts About Clash of Kings Hack Generator Tools

Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings hack generator tool can be used to get unlimited food, wood, and gold in the game. Do we need to use this hack tool anyway? It depends on you. Since the game itself is so popular, so many people love to play it. Both iOS and Android users play this game every day and they get more skilled from time to time. It makes the game becoming more difficult because your opponent is not the game but the other player who always play the game and get more skilled from day to day. It makes some try to find instant way to win the game against their opponent.

Clash of Kings hack generator can be a shortcut for you to win the game. By having unlimited resources, surely you can have better settlement than your opponent and you can build it faster than them. You can build many important buildings in a short of time that can be used to support your army and also defend your settlement from your enemy’s attack. You can also buy any items that you want because you will have unlimited gold. If you run the game without using any hack generator tools, it will need much of your time to get many amounts of gold.

Then, you can also generate unlimited number of food that surely will useable for your settlement and your army. You will be able to establish strong settlement and army. So, you should be able to win any battle and you can attack your enemy immediately after the game started. They will not be ready yet because they run the game in normal mode that will need much more time to build the settlement and the army. You get so many advantages by using Clash of Kings hack generator tool.

The hack generator tool can be found from the internet. There are many sites that can be found providing the tools for you. There are two types of the hack generator tools. It can be the online version or the offline version. Botch of them can be used to get unlimited number of resources in the game. It’s up to you to choose which one that will be used. Just make sure that you use the working hack generator tools. There are many Clash of Kings hack generator tools that can be found from the internet are not working anymore.


Oxenfree Game, Very Scary and Entertaining


Oxenfree game offers scary and entertaining experiences at the same time to you. Maybe some of you have ever played scary or horror games few years ago. This game will remind you again into that moment with new visual display. The game itself has storyline about five teenagers that visit an island near their hometown for a high school party. They find a cave and accidently unleash a paranormal force. To save them self from that nightmare, they should find out the paranormal force and exorcise them. You can have different directions and endings, depends on your movement during the game.

There are some possibilities for the ending of the game. In one ending you will find that someone in your group is not able to escape from this nightmare. In another, you barely escape with your skin. And there will be more possibilities that waited for you in the end of the game. Oxenfree game was just released few days ago on January 14th, 2016. It’s a PC game. You don’t need to have a PC with high system specification to install this game. The environment in this game is quite interesting. You can interact with the environment just like in an adventure game. The objects that can be click have circle mark on them, indicating that you can pick or examine them.

Sometimes you have to solve light environmental puzzle to unlock new area and get some useful items. To help you in finding the way out from this nightmare and this island, you will get two mechanic stuffs that can be used. The first is the radio, equipped with a surge in sound and controller vibrations. It can be used to communicate with the mysterious entities in that island. The next mechanic stuff is an old fashioned tape recorder that accompanied with mangled audio.

Combining the radio and tape player in Oxenfree game will be very helpful for you. When you fiddle the radio, the screen distorts, sometimes revealing something otherworldly lurking nearby and some scratchy vocals appearing. The tension that come from the visual and audio makes a genuine discomfort for you. You will get a feeling beyond your anxiety, leaving you mentally ragged and raw.

As a horror-mystery game, Oxenfree game successfully to bring your mind in a horror and mysterious condition that make you feel anxious and mentally raged. You should try this game if you are an addict of horror game.


Boom Beach Astuce Tool for More Comfortable Play

boom beach

Boom Beach, another colleague and partner of Hay Day and the phenomenal Clash of Clan, has participated in the PlayStore waiting for the people installed them in their gadgets. Whatever their gadgets would be, they are able to have this game without spending a dollar.

They want to make the appearance of their place looks more complete, they want to have their place gets the most updated buildings, and also they want to provide everything they need without being busy thinking how to earn money more easily. Well, should I tell you that you can be relived realizing that this game actually has some hack tools for the users to get? Yes, and this Boom Beach astuce tool can be totally beneficial.

Get Yourself More Comfortable

During the game or the play, sometimes the users or the players like to grumble about something or about other things. It could be lack of iron, lack of wood, and also running out of stones. When the players do not have proper amount of these materials, it is totally impossible for them to improve the physical look of their place. Therefore, this Boom Beach astuce tool exists! What is this hack tool for?

This tool can be used by the people from their gadget. They need to access the link that provides the hack tool for Boom Beach. There would be a question whether you are using iOs devices or you are having the Android ones. Based on the platform you have chosen for your device, it will process your answer.

You need to open a website that provides the Boom Beach astuce tool, then you can plug your device in into the laptop and access it. Remember that you should have installed Boom Beach on your device. When it has detected your device, a notification on pop up message will come out. You can fill the number of diamonds you want.

The button of patch game can be pressed then you have to wait for its process. It does not require much time but in the end, it is going to be worth to wait. The pop up message tells that you have successfully hacked will greet you then you can later enjoy the game with pleasing heart. Finally, you can plug your device out from the laptop to make sure that your device is away from any viruses which can harass your device. What about trying this Boom Beach astuce tool right away?



Final Fantasy Explorers for 3DS Finally Released for North America

final fantasy explorers 3ds

One the most anticipated Final Fantasy games is Final Fantasy Explorers for 3DS. Many Nintendo DS owners are waiting for this game for a long time. Actually this game has already launched in Japan since winter 2014. But, it’s just released worldwide, especially for North America in January 2016. This America version will have 21 job classes. You will get four player cooperation mode, large amounts of monster and also large amounts of gear. Many people say that this Final Fantasy game is similar with Monster Hunter. Both of the games will challenge you to tracking down many beasts and monsters.

Although this game is quite similar with Monster Hunter, you should point that Final Fantasy Explorers for 3DS has awesome gameplay and story. Just like the title of the game, you are an explorer in Amostra Island that should find as many as potential crystals that are used for harvesting. The mission is you should clear the island form the beasts and monster and also from any magical nuisances that will make the others can mine the goods in the island. You will start the mission from a small town named Libertas. You should finish some local quests to build your reputation and name. And of course, there will be many combats for you. You should prepare and be ready.

Just like the other Final Fantasy game combat style, in this game you will find 21 classic Final Fantasy jobs. This game will be much more interesting to be played in multi-player because it will be easier for you to finish each jobs than playing alone. But, playing Final Fantasy Explorers for 3DS alone is still playable and enjoyable. You just need to choose the proper class when playing it alone. In this game, when you beat a monster or enemy, they will drop an Atmalith, their souls. You can bring the Atmalith back to the Monster Lab in the town then turn them into obedient pet. They will be your partner during the fight that will be very helpful for you.

There are many hidden quests that can be unlocked during the game. You can visit many new places to learn new movements. You can also unlock trance mode, a state where you have gain much power and the ability to summon very powerful attacks. It’s so enjoyable to be played in your spare time. So, what are you waiting for? Get a copy of Final Fantasy Explorers for 3DS right now.


Check out our latest 8 Ball Pool Hack Tools 2016

8 ball pool game play

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Our 8 Ball Pool hack tools 2016 give you so many eases without another problem. FYI, there are also many hack tools which provide the users with some surveys or unnecessary files before they can use the tools. Meanwhile, we do not doing it. We are just too bored to play this game and want to share how easy you win and to get leaderboard rank just in a few days. It is pretty sure undetectable from the developer of this game, Miniclips. We always update the link and you won’t get broken link anymore. We are sure you will be satisfied and getting the top rank with those features.

Now, you may ask us how to use our 8 Ball Pool hack tools 2016, right? It is very easy. Open this page by using your devices or smartphones. Download our hack tools securely on your devices. If you think it is unsecure, you can try our online hack. It just requires your Facebook account to accept the agreement. Then, you can set the amount of resources. Make sure you connect it with your device, iOs or Android. Click the preferred connection which you are using to connect the PC and your smartphone. In the end, you will have notification that your account has unlimited resources.


Target Acquired Review

Target Acquired

Target Acquired is one of new games for Android users which offer addictive gameplay and interesting graphic. In this game, we will play as Yura Anders who becomes Japanese Police Cat Girl to stop CammyIyuka who wants to rule the world. This simple story brings addictive gameplay from classic-retro game. The developer of the game, TouchTen Games, collaborates with legendary Mega Man composer, ManamiMatumae to give nostalgic in a fresh cover by this game. Yeah, Mega Man was ever gained its popularity in 90s or PlayStation 1 era. So, let us the review of this game. Please notice that it is for Android only.

Behind the launching of Target Acquired, remains hard ways from the developer. The story behind the launching is about the fundraising from Touchten Games. The fund which is used for releasing this game is gained from fundraising of the developer. The main beam of this game is showed by the music which is composed by ManamiMatsumae completely. He was composed some popular games such as Mega Man, Shovel Knight and many more. He is the legend of game-composer so far. That is what Touchten Games want to show through their game. FYI, this developer comes from Indonesia.

The Target Acquired uses 3D graphics as the main features here. We have to say that the graphic is very good because the special effect from the shooting, explosions and skills are showing their own uniqueness. If we look the gameplay is very simple, but you will get different experience once played the game. Yeah, it is not as simple as you thought before. You have to dodge some challenges and shoot the enemies appeared. In the end of stage, you will face the boss in certain distance and magnitude. Another unique thing of this game is that you can customize the main character, Yura Anders. You can change her outfits, skills, shooter and many more through the game.

You need to notice the energy system of this game. For your information, you cannot shoot randomly in the entire game because it will waste your energy. You need a good sense to shoot in the correct time and the correct place. Consequently, you must restore your energy by resting for a while. While you shoot, the background music and sound of the game is very realistic and fun. It is such full of action. Overall, the game is barely similar with Mega Man. But, Target Acquiredhas 3D graphic and modern music by the way.


Latest News of Harvest Moon Seed of Memories

Harvest Moon Seed of Memories

We have been a little bit disappointed when Harvest Moon Seed of Memories was not released in the end of 2015 ago. Whereas, Natsume as the developer of this game did promise in their official website that Harvest Moon SoM would be released in the middle of last December. Recently, they announced that this game will be released on winter. But, they did not clarify the details about the release date obviously. For your information, winter usually starts from December until March every year. It means that they have delayed the release for this game. Meanwhile, we have also already hit 2016 now.

Consequently, many fans of Harvest Moon Seed of Memories or called themselves as Harvester complained about the Christmas Promise from Natsume. They want this developer to pay off their promise to release Harvest Moon SoM as soon as possible this year. Then, Natsume answered this question by confirming that Harvesters have already gained their Christmas gift. Yeah, this gift refers to the video clip of the game. This video is followed by an announcement from Natsume about the game. In the beginning, we did not know that the video and the announcement were a Christmas gift from them. We just thought that it was a teaser of this game.

In their announcement, Natsume explains that the Harvest Moon Seed of Memories is under-development. They will support some numerous platforms to be able to play this amazing game such as iOs and Android. However, Android users should wait a little bit longer rather than iOs platform. They also add that their happiness because this game is now expanding into mobile game world which is very popular these days. In other words, we will be able to play this memorable game everywhere we want these days. They will release the iOs version this January and the Android version perhaps will be next month.

Last but not least, Natsume claims that this game is already available for some app stores such as Google Play. NitendoEshop and many more which claims that the game will work without any emulator. We can directly play the game through our phone instead. So, prepare your devices especially iOs devices because the developer will release the game somewhere on this month. For Android users, you must be more patient to wait it. However, the Harvest Moon Seed of Memories won’t be a free-to-play app obviously which means that you must pay to play the game.