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Nintendo Switch Release and the Problems that Come along with It

Nintendo seems to have a new hope by planning on their new Nintendo Switch release after their Wii U has failed miserably, despite the success of the original Switch. This home console has been waited for so long and the Japanese firm has put a lot of hope in this device. So, what’s special about this device, anyway? Well, first of all, it will come with two different functions and forms so you can use it as the handheld item or the home console design. With the basic design of a tablet and the controller, it is highly possible for you to enjoy the dual functions.


Nintendo Switch release and the Console

Set to be released around March the 3rd 2017, a lot of people have anticipated the device for quite a while. The Switch was previously named as the NX but Nintendo decided to change it. With a tablet computer and also the Joy-Cons controller that is attached to the side, the Switch seems promising – well, at least from the design alone.  The controller isn’t the regular one because it can sense movement (sounds familiar, Wii fans?) and the screen is sensitive to the touch.


As a home console, the tablet has a special slot and dock that can be connected to the TV. So far, only a limited information has been provided to welcome the new Nintendo Switch release. Such as, there will 80 new games and they are under way. The battery can last from 2.5 hours to 6.5 hours. Among the new games, Super Mario Odyssey is included, which is the newer version of the original Mario. So, if you are a Mario fans, you should probably think about having this device. There will be also the Arms, a boxing game with motion controlled mode that should release in this spring.


Nintendo Switch Release and the Basic Problem

Of course, it is always exciting to have a new gaming console, especially from a well-known name and popular brand. However, there is a controversy about the machine since not many gamers, apparently, like the idea of the price tag. For the American platform, the device will be sold at around $300 while it will be £279 for the European market. In Japan, it will be sold at around ¥30,000 which is around $260. This is one factor that makes the Nintendo Switch release a bit problematic.


Such a price tag is definitely higher than everyone has expected and a lot of people have stated that it is possible that Nintendo has made another mistake. They are already in a bad place and they don’t need to make their position even down under because of this decision. What do you think about Nintendo Switch release, anyway?


Simple Things to Do in Preventing Overheating of Your Smartphone


Many people are trying many things in preventing overheating of your smartphone. That is because overheat of your smartphone might cause many things that will surely affect your smartphone. If you are one of those people who are using your smartphone all of the time and you want to prevent the overheating smartphone, then you might want to simply try these simple things below.

For the beginning, you might want to check the case that you are using for your smartphone. It is true that the case will prevent your smartphone from scratches. However, there are some types of smartphone case that will give you the bad airflow. This is something that will give the extra heat in your smartphone that will cause the overheat. The next simple thing that you can do in preventing overheating of your smartphone is checking on the running applications or systems. This one is important since there are many people who forgot to turn off their Bluetooth connection after they are using it, especially for the speaker and headset. Though this kind of connection will not take a lot of power, but your smartphone will still get the unnecessary work to increase the heat.

The next thing that you can try is to check on the virus on your smartphone. Unlike laptop or computer that will do scanning every time you turn it on, smartphone will not scan your phone even though you have an antivirus. As an addition to that, there are some viruses that will force your smartphone to do the unnecessary work. Therefore, you need to check for the virus if you are thinking about preventing overheating of your smartphone. You need to have the latest antivirus installed in your smartphone and you need to scan your smartphone every single day. It will be better for you to do this at night before you go to sleep.

Those are some simple things that you can try if you want to prevent the overheat in your smartphone. For your consideration, the environment is also one factor that you need to consider in preventing overheating of your smartphone. If you are in a room full of AC, then you can make sure that overheat is something that will rarely happen. On the other hand, if you are on the beach spending your Summer time, then you can make sure that overheat is something that your smartphone will get.


Disadvantages of Technology for Society and Life


Besides the advantages, there are a couple of disadvantages of technology that you have to consider for your life and society. Even though the technological improvements on communication specifically has been largely positive and extensive and help a lot of people to keep contact with other people more efficiently and effectively, you have to consider that there also a couple of disadvantages of technology on communication.

Art of Conversation is Lost

You are allowed by technology such as email and text messages in order to communicate in short sentences which can be edited carefully. But behind that stuff you surprisingly you will lost the contextual information which is offered by body language and voice tone. As an outcome, for those of you who cannot connect with other people via technology will find if not easy to engage in normal conversation because you guys have to face a couple of problems of understanding non-verbal cues because of the lack of practice with interaction of face to face that cannot be stopped, filtered or edited.

Confusing Language

Treatises, dictionaries, and books have been written on the peculiarities and vocabulary of text messaging slang. It is confusing to understand this slang for many people who cannot speak English fluently that will make it harder to get the meaning of the sentence. For those of you who usually chat or text online will use it even in a couple of conditions or situations where it is not important or out of space, such as school essays or business messages.

Aggressive and Rude

As a barrier will be created by communicating through technology between people which is not there when talking face to face, a couple of people will find it easier in order to be aggressive and rude. Threatening and insulting messages from people that you do not recognize are part of the course for many people who publish online content regularly and even the issue cannot be alleviated by the lack of anonymity. Arguments in Facebook are commonly happened because you are not allowed by technology in order to find the reaction of man on receiving the message which makes it harder in order to empathize with him.

Disruption Constantly

You are allowed by technology in order to always be reachable whenever and wherever you are. Even though it can be beneficial but this is one of the disadvantages of technology that will make your stress and get anxiety because you will feel pressured in order to check and answer incoming messages, phone calls or emails.