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Fitness Flow
Flow is a state of mind achieved during moments of complete awareness. Flow is a way in which your body moves through a physical yoga practice. Fitness Flow combines these two mind body elements to create a unique yoga experience . A form of moving mediation, you will bring yourself into the present where the practice becomes effortless yet powerful and the body and mind become strong.

Yoga for Energy and Health
In this class we explore tapping into the abundant energy and well being that already exists within ourselves. Our yoga practice is our vehicle to realizing unlimited access to energy flow and balanced health. Each class begins with a centering, that slowly evolves into a flow of yoga postures designed specifically to increase strength, instill confidence, and restore the body to its natural state of health. Closing with a meditative relaxation will ensure a renewed spirit. Suitable for all levels.

Gentle Vinyasa
A flowing yoga class suitable for beginning and experienced students alike, connecting breath and movement. The "flow" includes a series of postures that will build flexibility and endurance - bringing you to a place of inner calm.

Moderate Vinyasa
A flowing sequence of postures linked together with breathing. Builds strength and flexibility. Somatics movements to release stress patterns in they body are included. This class is suitable for beginners and intermediate students.

Baptiste Power Vinyas
Vinyasa style yoga is a flowing, dynamic form of yoga, whereas each posture or position is linked to and connected by breath or pranyama. Both a potent physical yoga practice and meditation practice, participants are empowered to reclaim their full potential, discover creativity, awaken passion, create authenticity, confidence and new possibilities. Expect to leave class physically recharged yet with a calm and peaceful mind.

Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga classes are typically taught in a heated room that allows student's muscles to achieve greater states of flexibility as well as provide a profound detoxification process and cardiovascular benefit.

"Baptiste Yoga™ is practiced by people across the world and from all walks of life; from professional athletes; parents, teachers, Fortune 500 executives, and community leaders; individuals who have shaken depression, dissolved anxiety or lost weight and kept it off; people who have created inner peace, passionate relationships; sparked inspiration in their life's work and created new possibilities in virtually every realm of life. "

Vigorous Vinyasa
If you want a vigorous mind/body/spirit workout, this class combines dynamic breath, postures, and focal points into a specific sequence of flowing movements. Somatic and conditioning movements will be included to mobilize the joints and increase fluidity in the body. Some yoga experience is recommended. Also, you should be in good physical condition.

Yoga Basics
This is a course for beginners or those who want to refresh the foundations of yoga. Our work in this class will cover:

  • Learning the breath work that is vital to yogic movement
  • An acquaintance with the basic yoga postures common to most yoga traditions
  • Combining breath with movement
  • Learning how to connect movement in a flow
  • Upon completion of the sessions you will be assisted to find and accompanied into the regularly scheduled class appropriate for you.
  • Yoga for Bone Health & Muscle Strength

This class combines a yoga practice with weight bearing exercises to build bone and improve overall postural alignment. Increase your muscle strength, endurance, and bone health through weight bearing exercises using hand weights and/or a weighted "body bar", flex-bands, and balls. The key areas of the body that will be targeted for bone loading will be wrists, shoulders, spine, and hips. Practicing yoga postures and breathing techniques improves your posture and flexibility, and provides mental relaxation in today's stress-filled world.

Full payment for a session is due five days before the first class.
Your space in a class is reserved when full payment is received.

Unlimited members can go anytime.

We will only pro-rate for one of the following reasons:

  • A new student joins a class after the session has started.
  • An existing student has a medical, or personal, emergency that prohibits them from attending class at the beginning of the session.

We will not pro-rate a session, for new, or existing students, because of vacations, work conflicts, or personal scheduling issues.

$15 per drop-in class if you are an enrolled student attending an additional class (please call first)

Missed classes may be made up by attending a different class within the same session for which you are registered on a space-available basis. After the session is over missed classes are non-refundable.

It is a student's responsibility to inform the instructor if there is a change in their health status.

Please refrain from wearing any fragrances (perfumes, colognes, etc.)

Cancellations Due To Bad Weather
If Amherst Public Schools are delayed or closed due to bad weather, please call our answering machine at 603-673-7661 for a message on class status.

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