Besides the advantages, there are a couple of disadvantages of technology that you have to consider for your life and society. Even though the technological improvements on communication specifically has been largely positive and extensive and help a lot of people to keep contact with other people more efficiently and effectively, you have to consider that there also a couple of disadvantages of technology on communication.

Art of Conversation is Lost

You are allowed by technology such as email and text messages in order to communicate in short sentences which can be edited carefully. But behind that stuff you surprisingly you will lost the contextual information which is offered by body language and voice tone. As an outcome, for those of you who cannot connect with other people via technology will find if not easy to engage in normal conversation because you guys have to face a couple of problems of understanding non-verbal cues because of the lack of practice with interaction of face to face that cannot be stopped, filtered or edited.

Confusing Language

Treatises, dictionaries, and books have been written on the peculiarities and vocabulary of text messaging slang. It is confusing to understand this slang for many people who cannot speak English fluently that will make it harder to get the meaning of the sentence. For those of you who usually chat or text online will use it even in a couple of conditions or situations where it is not important or out of space, such as school essays or business messages.

Aggressive and Rude

As a barrier will be created by communicating through technology between people which is not there when talking face to face, a couple of people will find it easier in order to be aggressive and rude. Threatening and insulting messages from people that you do not recognize are part of the course for many people who publish online content regularly and even the issue cannot be alleviated by the lack of anonymity. Arguments in Facebook are commonly happened because you are not allowed by technology in order to find the reaction of man on receiving the message which makes it harder in order to empathize with him.

Disruption Constantly

You are allowed by technology in order to always be reachable whenever and wherever you are. Even though it can be beneficial but this is one of the disadvantages of technology that will make your stress and get anxiety because you will feel pressured in order to check and answer incoming messages, phone calls or emails.