It is very daunting in order to getting started Overwatch. You will find that there are a couple of heroes that you have to learn, loot crates to open, and maps to memorize, which is difficult in order to follow all of them. But this article will give you a couple of important things that will be helpful for you to solve those problems. These are a couple of things that you have to consider before you play Overwatch

Start By Using Easy Character

A couple of characters in Overwatch are very easy to choose. For those of you who are already know about the shooters, it is better for you to choose Bastion, D.VA, Pharah, or Soldier 76 for the starter. These are a couple of characters that are perfect for shooting whatever happens in front of them. You do not have to confuse about the atmosphere of your abilities or you do not have to worry about how to play the character. You just have to jump in and press the ground running.

Team Composition Is Important

You have to consider that you are a team player, which means that your option will affect other people on who to play. Fortunately, there is a built-in tool which you can use in order to choose the second when you highlight one.

Team Above All

You have to consider that this game is not some kind of Call of Duty. In this Overwatch game, you cannot run by yourself and you cannot easily kill people, particularly not when you start to play the game. The perfect way if you want to stay alive is stick with your team, so it is better for you to find a couple of trusted friends and stay together with them.

Audio Cues Should Be Listened

The sound design of the Overwatch is very perfect. When your health is low, it will be gasped by your character. You will also be told by the characters when your enemy is behind you, or when you find turret near you or a couple of other things. The most important things are that you can even hear the footsteps of your enemy. Ultimates are the most important audio cues that you