Oxenfree game offers scary and entertaining experiences at the same time to you. Maybe some of you have ever played scary or horror games few years ago. This game will remind you again into that moment with new visual display. The game itself has storyline about five teenagers that visit an island near their hometown for a high school party. They find a cave and accidently unleash a paranormal force. To save them self from that nightmare, they should find out the paranormal force and exorcise them. You can have different directions and endings, depends on your movement during the game.

There are some possibilities for the ending of the game. In one ending you will find that someone in your group is not able to escape from this nightmare. In another, you barely escape with your skin. And there will be more possibilities that waited for you in the end of the game. Oxenfree game was just released few days ago on January 14th, 2016. It’s a PC game. You don’t need to have a PC with high system specification to install this game. The environment in this game is quite interesting. You can interact with the environment just like in an adventure game. The objects that can be click have circle mark on them, indicating that you can pick or examine them.

Sometimes you have to solve light environmental puzzle to unlock new area and get some useful items. To help you in finding the way out from this nightmare and this island, you will get two mechanic stuffs that can be used. The first is the radio, equipped with a surge in sound and controller vibrations. It can be used to communicate with the mysterious entities in that island. The next mechanic stuff is an old fashioned tape recorder that accompanied with mangled audio.

Combining the radio and tape player in Oxenfree game will be very helpful for you. When you fiddle the radio, the screen distorts, sometimes revealing something otherworldly lurking nearby and some scratchy vocals appearing. The tension that come from the visual and audio makes a genuine discomfort for you. You will get a feeling beyond your anxiety, leaving you mentally ragged and raw.

As a horror-mystery game, Oxenfree game successfully to bring your mind in a horror and mysterious condition that make you feel anxious and mentally raged. You should try this game if you are an addict of horror game.