Pokemon Go hack and cheats

Today, we present you the real Pokemon Go hack and cheats which are absolutely working at this time globally. Many people are obsessed to become the Pokemon Master who can catch them all. This is not a day dreaming by the way since Pokemon Go is the most downloaded game on the market recently. Pokemon trainers are in hurry to complete their PokeDex and become the master of Pokemon. So, they look for some cheats or hack which makes this game easier. Unfortunately, we have found some real cheats which still work currently and we sort them into 3 for today.

Evolving Eevee

The first real Pokemon Go hack and cheats will discuss about the evolution of Eevee. For your information, Eevee is one of the favorite Pokemon which can evolve into three different forms. They are Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon. There is a trick for Pokemon trainer to evolve their Eevee into their favorite evolution. It is by changing the original name. Give a nickname of your Eevee to Rainer and you will have Vaporeon as its evolution right before you evolve it. For Jolteon, you can replace the name onto Sparky and Flareon onto Pyro. This cheat still works until this article was written.

Pokemon Go Hack And CheatsPokeVision

The second Pokemon Go hack and cheats will reveal the accurate location of your target Pokemon. By using PokeVision app, you will easily locate the nearby Pokemon on your local area. Yes, this is an app just like Google maps. But, it has a feature to show the Pokemon surrounding your place. The best part is not ended yet. Below the picture of the Pokemon, there is the time remaining of the Pokemon’s appearances. It means you have to catch him before the time is running out. This is of course very beneficial for beginner Pokemon player. They should not have to walk around their current location to catch Pokemon.

Same Pokemon is No Problem

Did you catch the same Pokemon for many times? Please do not worry because you can evolve the Pokemon easier than other players. If you do not move too much when playing Pokemon Go, the chance of getting the same Pokemon is higher. But, it does not mean same Pokemon have no benefits at all. You can transfer the lowest CP to the Professor for the candy. Collect those candies to evolve the highest CP of the Pokemon. The higher candy you get, the higher CP you got. We think that is the end of this Pokemon Go hack and cheats and see you next time.