Target Acquired

Target Acquired is one of new games for Android users which offer addictive gameplay and interesting graphic. In this game, we will play as Yura Anders who becomes Japanese Police Cat Girl to stop CammyIyuka who wants to rule the world. This simple story brings addictive gameplay from classic-retro game. The developer of the game, TouchTen Games, collaborates with legendary Mega Man composer, ManamiMatumae to give nostalgic in a fresh cover by this game. Yeah, Mega Man was ever gained its popularity in 90s or PlayStation 1 era. So, let us the review of this game. Please notice that it is for Android only.

Behind the launching of Target Acquired, remains hard ways from the developer. The story behind the launching is about the fundraising from Touchten Games. The fund which is used for releasing this game is gained from fundraising of the developer. The main beam of this game is showed by the music which is composed by ManamiMatsumae completely. He was composed some popular games such as Mega Man, Shovel Knight and many more. He is the legend of game-composer so far. That is what Touchten Games want to show through their game. FYI, this developer comes from Indonesia.

The Target Acquired uses 3D graphics as the main features here. We have to say that the graphic is very good because the special effect from the shooting, explosions and skills are showing their own uniqueness. If we look the gameplay is very simple, but you will get different experience once played the game. Yeah, it is not as simple as you thought before. You have to dodge some challenges and shoot the enemies appeared. In the end of stage, you will face the boss in certain distance and magnitude. Another unique thing of this game is that you can customize the main character, Yura Anders. You can change her outfits, skills, shooter and many more through the game.

You need to notice the energy system of this game. For your information, you cannot shoot randomly in the entire game because it will waste your energy. You need a good sense to shoot in the correct time and the correct place. Consequently, you must restore your energy by resting for a while. While you shoot, the background music and sound of the game is very realistic and fun. It is such full of action. Overall, the game is barely similar with Mega Man. But, Target Acquiredhas 3D graphic and modern music by the way.