The Witness

Published and developed by Thekla, The Witness is a puzzle 3D video game released for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. Considered as one of the challenging game, the game may cause uncertainty, mystification, and mental exhaustion during playthrough due to its intricacies. You may think about giving up every so often as you have to choose your way in the most sense way. But the game is special as there is way to enjoyment through aggravation when you keep on. The game starts on the conjecture that you are smart but you do not feel intelligent from it not like many other puzzle games. You will get reward for your patience and decisive thinking as it regards you as an insightful person.

The Witness Story

The game takes place on an anonymous island surrounded by an immense ocean. There are different terrains on the island including autumnal forest, snowy mountain, and desolate desert. Players are given square panels throughout these environments, each consist of different complexity. You can choose a panel in The Witness, direct a gleaming line through its labyrinth, and carry on. These will open the next puzzles, move platforms, open doors, or trigger power plants.

The Witness Gameplay

You will start easy challenge by directing the line on basic framework. After a while, you will have to solve new colors and symbols and shapes following their rules to solve. Your gleaming path could also be used to shape silhouettes to solve puzzle in The Witness. You may also need to change perception or break earlier rules all in all to move on. The ways these rules work never has clear instructions. Use your own rational reasoning and instinct to learn them. There are different patterns among each area of its panels with different symbol or hint in its puzzles. It is possible to surrender a puzzle that is too difficult for you to solve and find another one with different rule.

The Witness Features

The puzzles are remarkably diverse, and you might have to spend more than 25 hours to solve attractive mazes. The revealing hint is revealed from environmental clues to help solve impossible-apparent panels. It offers clever ways to influent your character’s environment from panels that contain no clues at all. You may also get a new light on the structure of the castle at the center of the island when its mazes drip into the walls around them. The best thing about the The Witness is that the island is free to explore from the beginning of the game so you can wander between its mazes and areas.