XCOM 2 can be a little bit overwhelming and is a deep game. This article will explain about a couple of tips that you can use for beginners in order to give you the benefit of playing this XCOM 2 game.

Create your Resistance Contacts

Regardless of you plan to roll on, or choosing the difficulty, one of the most important priorities are contacting a couple of other regions. You will get a lot of money for doing it, and also you will get the opportunity in order to get region specific upgrades. The most important thing is that you can open up that place in order to get potential missions. There are a couple of missions that you can find on the map including Alien Facility even in a couple of places that you cannot access. This can be a big problem and if you are not careful it will ruin your game play. By using Resistance Comms that have been established, your influence can be expanded easily and quickly which is avoiding this thing to happen.

The Black Market

In its predecessor, you can sell a couple of stuff of alien tech in order to get some money. XCOM 2 comes with Black Market, meanwhile you can purchase and sell it. It offers a couple of items that have been purchased by using Intel, so you have to be careful to purchase it because there is only limited resource that you can get. Black Market sometimes sells a couple of crafting items, character and weapon upgrades, and also research boosters. Once again you have to be careful on spending the Intel because those items can be very useful.

Selling a couple of items to the Black Market can make you get a lot of troubles. It is different from the previous game, there are not a couple of items that have been classified as useless or damaged. This happens because there a couple of crafting components and even alien corpses which can be used for a couple of upgrades and item purchases. For this factor, it is well recommended for you to only sell to the Black Marketwhen you are in a tight bind. In order to avoid you from lowering upgrade materials, it is better for you to go to weapons page in order to get a lot of information about a couple of items that you need in order to complete every upgrade.