Creating city is the main purpose of Township. Players start to pick area for farming then harvest the crop. After that, they are building factory and any entertainment areas to generate more revenues. All of them are what you will do in this game. Several Township tips are available as guideline to make you reach the top player. Prosperous city will attract more people to stay and various resources keep the city in financial stability.

What is Township? It is mobile and online game that lets player to create, manage, expand, and develop city. You need to know basic gameplay of this game as one tip that cannot be ignore. This game is free, but it takes real money to expand. However, you do not have to worry because Township tips are applicable.

  1. Farming

Big city started from small farming area. This is the key to what you will do in Township. You know from history that the purpose of farming is food. In this game, you can plant many crops such as corn and wheat. Framing is not free action, which means the cost is required to keep plants from harmful stuff. For example, farming requires fertilizer and water. You use remaining coins to obtain them then collect again after harvesting. Some players try to use Township hack to make farming quickly.

  1. Factory

After farming, the next thing is factory or industry. It is one of essential things of Township tips because city requires tons of materials and stuffs. After generating enough money from farming, it is time to expand into factory-based city. You will have more citizens to work at factory. Additional benefit of industry will be seen in the next tip.

  1. Entertainment and trading

Prosperous city is more just farming industry. People want to enjoy work and life to make them happy. This is opportunity to build entertainment places such as cinema and zoo. Besides providing leisure activity, these places also generate more cashes. Zoo is new feature from Township and player can put many animals to attract visitor. Cash and money comes from ticket that’s paid by visitors. Another way to reach top player is trading. You can produce more goods from factory then exchange with other players. Township gives players opportunity to communicate then create trading area. You cannot miss this thing to obtain more gold and coins. Of course, top player produces high quality products with interesting price.

From Township tips above, you will understand how to start it. They are simple and applicable, starting from farming, factory, entertainment, then trading. Therefore, your city is no longer small town but metropolitan.